Fred X Mertz will be appearing:



Jan 28

Davy Jones Locker Combo, Le Petit Mort,

Black Forest (Eugene, OR) 


Jan 29 - 

Davy Jones Locker Combo at Lucky Liquor

Searttle WA


Jan 30

Davy Jones Locker Combo at Chinese Garden

Longview, WA


Jan 30 (also)

DJLC at Writ fest (Shadowbox, Portland OR)


Feb 3rd

Davy Jones Locker Combo (11:30 pm ) at Ash St Saloon

 with Orion, Under the Antlers.  Portland, OR ($5)


Feb 5

Davy Jones Locker Combo at the Tardis Room

w/ Dight Dickisson, God Bless America!

NE Killingsworth, Portland, OR


Feb 24

Soothesayers open for Supersuckers 

at Old Nick's (Eugene, OR)


Feb 27rd

Pirate Radio (Mertz on bass) with  Anti-Troy and Question Tuesday at the Black Forest

Eugene, OR


Mertz's banjo appears on the new LaPetitMort recording

recently completed, and available for purchase soon.



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Davy Jones Locker Combo at Reverbnation